Scandinavian style interior for family of 4. Calm earthy tones, natural, luxury and high quality materials – essential emenets of the house. Spacious kitchen where you can fit all you need even very popular now – pantry room, which is perfectly merge in to the whole. One special request of the client – dinning zone for family dinners and cozy free of clutter living room.


House interior Aalborg, Denmark

113 m²



When the customer’s vision for space is 100% match with the designer’s, all that remains is to create and enjoy the results.  The interior is designed with the full trust of the customer, using the ideas of both modern classics and loft style and combining them into a common whole. The small space with the help of materials, lighting and well-thought-out layout creates the impression of a spacious and luxurious apartment. We present a slightly different “In home” project.


Long story short – in the middle of the project we had to transfer it to new space.

Despite of all surprises we are more than happy with a result.


Loft interjeriosin Kaunas

46 m²


Foto credit: Gediminas Nadtočis @nate_made_photography



Some homes for a specific need are very easy. Home – to cook with friends and spend time in cozy family gatherings. Or maybe just close alone, with a book on the couch. Everything is functional, simple and nice.


Flat interjerior in Vilnius



Foto credit: Agnė Motiekaitytė


#3D visualisations


A house for two, with a vision for the future. This house is always full of guests, laughter and communication. The somewhat enclosed kitchen allows for a bit of hiding from the chaos, and the common living and dining area is great for gathering. These homes are also great for allowing everyone to find their own quiet corner when they want solitude.


Cottage interjerior in Vilnius

120 m²


Foto credit: Agnė Motiekaitytė



Scandinavian style – the main hint for this interior. Only kitchen concept was very clear and set a path for all the details, shades and general interior soul. This home is meant for an active 4 person family, who like to spend time at home together, but at the same time want to have a quiet corner for each of them.


Cottage interior in Vilnius



Foto credit: Agnė Motiekaitytė


#3D Visualisations


Light scandinavian style interior for a young family. The main wish was to leave space as big as possible and to create a cosy, modern, spacious and bright interior, where natural wood decor became the main accent. Decisions were made quite quickly and firmly, constantly feeling the support and trust of the clients.

Privat house interior in Vilnius


Foto credit: Agnė Motiekaitytė